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If you love Twilight, you know that Forks, Washington is the home of Twilight. Stephenie Meyer choose this little town, known only for their logging history before this series, and changed it forever. Hundred of fans have traveled to this town to see all the book locations and for some, attend Stephenie Meyer Day every September. The town has completly changed, almost every shop sells Twilight merchandise, twilight tours pass by every day, and the map in the visitors center is almost completly filled up with pins!

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I have visited a couple times and each time is better than the last. The people of Forks are very welcoming and there is a lot to see and do if you know where to go. I suggest your first stop be Leppells flower shop, as they are the only twilght tour company these days and you do not Twilight Tours book featuring all the places to go. And of course, the famous Forks sign located at both ends of town, which every fan must get a picture with!

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Below are some pictures we took in Forks, at the Book Locations:

Forks Chamber of Commerce:

Forks Visitor Center is located right next to the Forks Welcome sign when first entering town. There you can get any map or directions you need as well as some pictures with Twilight cut outs they have. Oh and do not forget to add your pin to the map of where your home town is! The pictures below are from the center the last time we went to Forks (many of them can also be seen on our instagram @twilifer)!

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Bella Swans House (Private Residence) :

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Leppells Flower Shop:

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The Cullen House (Miller Tree Inn) :

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Forever Twilight in Forks Auction Collection:

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La Push:

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Blogs about the happenings in Forks:

Filming Locations

This summer we headed to the West Coast to visit some filming locations in Twilight! Here are our pictures from each location, feel free to share but please give us credit as we have put a lot of effort into this trip. Since we only had a few days, we did not visit all of the movie locations, just our favorites which ended up being 10 spots! They are all numbered and labeled below, hope you enjoy what we wrote and feel free to contact us with any questions!

1. Kalama School (Forks High School Exteriors)

Kalama High School located in Kalama, Oregon was used as the exteriors of Forks High School. This spot is great for pictures as all the filming locations are in the parking lot.

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2. Bella’s House

The location for Bellas house for the first movie is an actual house in the town of Mt. Saint Helen. For the rest of the movies, another house was made just for filming, the design looking identicle to this one on the outside. This house is aprivate residence so only pictures in the front of the house are allowed. They also a pitbull so watch out before you get out of your car.

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3. Carver Cafe

We ate at Carver Cafe which is also the title it holds in the movie, being the local spot in Forks to eat. Described in the film as a regular, Charlie ate here almost every night as to not have to do dishes and cook. Bella and Charlie are seen here multiple times in the film in the front corner of therestaurant. This is also where Stephenie Meyer makes herappearancein the film, sitting at the counter of the restorant. Of course, we had to take a photo where the author was as well!

Fun fact, many of the same decorations inside the cafe are the same ones in the film! As seen in the film, the same table settings are still used. They have kept the look of the place almost the same, as they know that Twilight fans travel far and wide to eat at therestaurant.

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4. The Cullen House

The Cullen House was built by one of the designers at Nike years ago, and is still a private residence today. Fans are welcome to take pictures from the road, but they ask that they do not come any closer as there are people activly living there. The house is on a hill which makes it look even larger than it already does (and beilieve me its huge) and has a very modern look both inside and outside. After Twilight, they built a similar model of this house inside a studio, but the exteriors were based on this house. Anyone who visits this house could easily picture the Cullens living here as it is very open and beautiful, but also hidden behind many trees.

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5. Cannon Beach (La Push)

For anyone that has been to La Push in Washington, coming to Cannon Beach is like having deja vu! The location scouts on Twilight could not have picked a more realistic place to make La Push in the filming, it looks so similar. First, to get there, you must drive through the forest which looks identicle to the Hoh rainforest near Forks, with moss hanging from every branch and only the color green everywhere you look. Then once you get to the beach, you get an amazing view of rocks on the shore. If you are going to Oregon, I highly suggest you drive out of your way for this amazing beach!

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6. The Bookstore

This the bookstore that Bella goes to in Port Angeles in Twilight to buy the book about Quileute legends and the cold ones. It is actually located in Mt. Saint Hellen, Oregon and it is actually a lawyers office and has been since before the filming. She told us that they cleaned out the whole front part of the store and filmed for about a week.

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7. The Parking lot

The parking lot, alleyway, and bookstore are all located neareach other in Mt. Saint Helen. The parking lot has the same paint on the walls, the only difference ins the new staires which are now brown instead of the movie where they were white. Here is a great place to park and walk around the town and see the other spots.

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Some helpful tips:

Although they do not listaddresses, the Directors Notebook (available at many stores including Barns and Noble) has all the behind the scenes on how Twilight was made. If you are considering taking the trip to see these places, this book is a must have in your back pocket!

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Another helpful tip is that if you travel to La Push on the Quileute reservation, please be aware of the photography laws. Photos are to be used for personal use only, unless grantedpermissionotherwise ! Link below: